Erotica and other books I’ve been reading

I go through periods where I read a book a day and I go through periods where I don’t read for ages. I also read different types of books for various reasons.

I love my iPad and I download most of my books now days using iBooks. I find it is comfortable to read and I can adjust the text size (major selling point for me). Buying books online is also far cheaper than buying them at our local bookstores.

I do however still like to buy the odd softcover book as I like to read in the bath and I daren’t take my iPad into the bath. These are some of the books I have read in the last 6 months – I have separated them into various categories:

Books I read in bed:
I like to read historical / period romances in bed – this is light reading, I don’t need to think about what I am reading and it generally helps me to sleep.

Sabrina Jeffries:

  • Dance of Seduction
  • The Dangerous Lord
  • The Forbidden Lord
  • A Hellion in her Bed
  • How to Woo a Reluctant Lady
  • Married to a Viscount
  • The Pirate Lord

Nora Roberts: I have read a lot of her books, but not that many recently:

  • The Heart of Devin MacKade

Lyndsay Sands:

  • Born to bite
  • Hungry for you
  • (both of the above are part of the Argeneau series about a modern family of Vampires)
  • The Countess

Christina Dodd:

  • Taken by the Prince
  • In Bed with the Duke

Jane Feather:

  • A Wedding Wager
  • Rushed to the Alter

Laurell K Hamilton:

  • Guilty Pleasures (about a vampire hunter)

Books I read in the bath:
These are typically books that have more of a storyline and equire the brain to gently kick into gear for the day – usually takes me longer to read as I don’t often have the time to linger in the bath for long periods:

  • John Grisham – Theodore Boone – The Abduction (part of John Grisham’s 9-13 year old series)
  • Patricia Cornwell – Port Mortuary
  • Jeffrey Deaver – Edge
  • Jeffrey Deaver – Burning Wire

To read when feeling down or neglected, or just curious……

  • Best Women’s Erotica 2011 (short stories)
  • Bella Andre – Candy Store
  • Lillian Snow – Threesomes, The Collection
  • K Lyn – The Hot Repair Man
  • Anne Rice – The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty – This has to be one of the worst books I have ever read. It fits firmly into the Erotica category and it brings a whole new meaning to the term “Sex Slave”. Somehow though, I could not put it down and I read the whole book – I kept thinking there would be some point to the story (not that you expect a storyline when reading Erotica) or that it would get better (or perhaps I was just curious). Wikipedia classifies it as Erotic BDSM set in a Medieval Fantasy World. Definitely not
    my type of book and I won’t be reading the other 2 parts of the Trilogy.

Currently Reading:

  • Philippa Gregory (One of my favourite Authors) – The Lady of the Rivers (reading in the bath)
  • Nora Roberts – The Return of Rafe MacKade (reading in bed)


Sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read:

  • Nora Roberts – Chasing Fire
  • Jean M Auel – The Clan of the Cave Bear (This is apparently classified as Erotica – 1501 pages of it – rather curious as to how or why it would be so long)

Let me know what you are all reading…