Me Time

Being the mother of 4 and a full time career women, I don’t get much time to myself.  Although I must admit now that 2 of my boys have left home and the other 2 are both teenagers, I do get a lot more me time.

Me time is a purely selfish time when no one else exists.  I am the only person that matters.  A time where I get to decide what to do and where to do it.  These are sensual moments for me.

My favorite place to relax is in the bath. This is when I get to clear my mind. Usually at night when everyone else has gone to bed and I can switch off from anything and everything.

I love my bathroom.  We had it refurbished a few years ago.  Hubby wanted a big shower and I wanted a Jacuzzi bath.  So we compromised and got both.  This is one of the best decisions I have ever made as my bathroom has become my sanctuary.

I love to keep a vase of brightly colored flowers next to my bath.  It helps to make it a happy place. Not to mention that is provides a sweet aroma that lingers in the air.

Once everyone has gone to bed or when the rest of the family are still out for the day, I run a hot bath.  While my bath is running, I light some scented candles – rich vanilla and caramel swirl is my favorite, specifically chosen using the fragrance finder of one of my favorite air freshener companies.

I dab a little bubble bath into the water and then I reach for the light switch, switching off the bright

white light that fills my bathroom.  I am left with a gentle yellow glow of the flickering flames.

It is now time for me to slowly undress and gently slip into the water.  The water envelops me in warmth.  I press the switch to start the jets which encourage frothy bubbles to form over the curves of my breasts.

I reach for my iPad and settle down to read a trashy novel.  Something where I don’t need to think but am sent to a fantasy place where women are enticed by men with muscular bodies and throbbing loins.

At last, I am in heaven!

Lanthie Ransom

Perfect Encounters

We all have some secret fantasy of the perfect date or perfect encounter.  I have a number of perfect scenario’s, but I came across a short story (or poem actually) by a fellow blogger the other day and thought it was worth sharing with you all.  The blog is called Easily Aroused.

Pop on over to read it. It is beautifully written.  But please be warned that the blog is described as “Sensual erotic fiction for discerning women”. So it is a little risque and for the over 18’s.  Click on the image below to read it:

Nature somehow seems to set the tone for the perfect encounter.  I have listed some of my perfect scenario’s below and hope I get to experience them all someday:

  • Being out in the bush, alone watching the sun set while sharing a bottle of wine
  • Staying in a castle together, making love in front of the fireplace at night
  • Having a picnic out in the forest, being seduced by the rays of the sun and a cool breeze
Perfect Sunset

Feel free to share some of your perfect encounters in the comments section below, whether you have experienced them or not.  I would love to hear them.