Happy Endings

So I followed a link to a blog post about 2 weeks ago which peaked my curiosity.  I very briefly read up about it and made a mental note to do a blog post about it.

Now almost 2 weeks later and I’ll be damned if I can find the original post.  Anyway….  The post was by a woman who had received an anniversary present from her husband and she tells us all about it.

Her husband gave her a gift voucher for a Yoni Massage and she tells us about her experience.  In conclusion she said although she was left a little cold by the experience, she would strongly recommend it.

I have never heard of the term Yoni before, never mind a Yoni Massage. 

So I’ve done quite a bit of research on it.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina, and has different meanings such as “Gateway to Pleasure”,

“Sacred Temple”, “Sacred Space”, “Divine Passage” and “Temple of Delight”.  

Receiving a Yoni massage actually means that your “holy temple” is being worshipped.  A Yoni massage is also referred to as a sacred massage.

Our vaginas are not private parts of our body, nor are they separate parts to who we are, to only be invited to “come out to play” for special occasions.

Without the acceptance of the yoni and our sexual essence we cannot fully embody our soul and our passions into our daily lives. They are sacred parts of the body of which when seen and touched from a space of love are no different to any other part of your body that you allow touch, pleasure and healing.

Pleasure and healing come hand in hand, as our bodies relax and release withheld trauma and tension. Your shoulders, your neck, your jaw line holds the stresses and traumas of life …your yoni is no different.

But I must mention that the aim of the message is NOT an erotic massage with a happy ending.   The happy ending is a side effect (if you happen to have one and if you agree to go this far).  The massage is a tantric one, teaching you more about your body and how to relax it and how to pleasure it.  It helps to release all the sexual tension built up inside. 

The massage works with the innate body energy, the chakras on the front of the body and the Kundalini on the back. Sexual energy, is moved upwards, generally from the base chakra to the heart chakra on the front of the body and from the base of the spine up the back.

Every part of the body is touched, as Tantra includes everything and does not exclude anything.

I have looked at loads of parlours that offer a yoni (or sacred) massage.   Some therapists seem to do it fully clothed but it does seem that in the more authentic parlours, the therapists are naked, just like you.  This is to embrace the spirit and put you on the same level.  There are no secrets. (and no you are not allowed to touch the therapists)

It apparently has the following benefits (and I quote):

  • Supports a woman in witnessing & accepting emotional pain be that from sexual trauma, abuse, difficult sexual relationships or trauma experienced in childbirth.
  • It supports the healing process of:
  • – Painful menstruation,
  • – Irregular menstruation,
  • – Infertility,
  • – Low sex drive, (lack of Labido)
  • – Pain in sexual intercourse,
  • – The inability to feel safe in one’s own skin
  • – Lack of trust in relationships,
  • – Lack of respect for one’s own sexuality, reducing promiscuity.
A sacred massage is also offered  to couples and can help couples who are in a sexual rut.  It helps strengthen your relationship with your partner with:
  • An ability to trust
  • A willingness to be vulnerable,
  • An ability to surrender,
  • A connection of rich depth and unity
  • Nourishing & satisfying sex for the mind, body and soul.

And it is apparently very good for menopausal women!

So I have an anniversary coming up next month – wonder if dear hubby will be adventurous enough to give me a gift voucher?