Lady in Red

I am not a shoe person.  My closet consists of about 6-8 pairs of boring every-day type shoes.  I have one or 2 favorites and I tend to wear these every day. And I hate to admit they are all BLACK.

Since I went out and bought my red-mini skirt (and a few more since then) and my stockings and suspenders (which I love by the way and find myself wearing them a few times a week), it has encouraged me to be a little more adventurous with shoes.  I love the way it all makes me feel.  I feel empowered as a woman and extremely sexy.

And of course let’s not forget the aim of annoying my sons – they hate it when I wear my new mini skirts and stockings.  This is not the mom they are used to.

So I have been looking out for shoes that scream SEXY!  And what better than a pair of RED STILETTO’s (or Red Hooker shoes as I call them).

I have been shopping and this is what I found:

The first pair I tried on.  Loved them but didn’t buy them.  Had second thoughts about it all.  Got home and regretted not buying them.  Then found these:
Liked them even more – especially with the ankle straps – resembling the shoes in my header on my blog.  But they didn’t have my size – these were slightly too small for me.
And eventually ended up buying these:
Now I just have to learn to walk in them without breaking my ankles!