I’m a Sucker for Bad Boys

I’m starting to get really excited and cant wait for next week.  It is the start of the 6th season of Sons of Anarchy – my favorite TV Series.

Sons of Ararchy

We usually download it and watch it within hours of it being shown in the US.

I mean what is there not to like – blood / guts / gore/ sex / drugs / more sex / more drugs / more blood.  And let’s not forget – loads of guys on motorbikes!!!!  And loads of guys in leather!!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with the series – it is about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club.  The show centers around Jax Teller (Played by Charlie Hunnam).  He has to be the sexiest guy alive at the moment.

Charlie Hunnam has become very popular and recently starred in Pacific Rim.   I think we will be seeing more and more of him in coming months.


Tantalizing Tuesday # 7

It is no secret that I have a little bit of a fetish for Harley’s and one of my favorite TV shows is Sons of Anarchy.  And of course I go weak at the knees when I see Charlie Hunnam on a Harley.  We saw Pacific Rim over the weekend so I just had to showcase him on this weeks Tantalizing Tuesday edition.

Sons of Anarchy

Pacific Rim