Tantalizing Tuesday

Hmmmm – Now what shall I put on my Christmas list …..

Lanthie Ransom


Tantalizing Tuesday – A little late

Tuesday is almost over and I forgot to put up my Tantalizing Tuesday post.  So here goes……

Seeing as though cricket season is just starting here in South Africa, I thought I would showcase a true hero in South African Cricket – Graeme Smith.  He is currently the captain of the South African Cricket Team.

I didn’t realize how good looking he was – he doesn’t even need to take any clothes off to get me hot and bothered.

Lanthie Ransom

Tantalizing Tuesday (Pierre Spies)

I thought I would showcase another South African Rugby player today.    This is Pierre Spies.  He is 194cm tall and weighs 111kg’s. Wow this is a big guy!  Apparently he is known as one of the best ball carriers in the game – he can step, run around or over a defender – I can see why.  I wouldn’t mind finding myself in a dark alley with him.

Pierre Spies

Lanthie Ransom