Beefcakes Baby

My bond (mortgage) was approved for the purchase of my new apartment today.  So a really good friend of mine invited me out for the night in celebration therefore – a sort of a girls night out.

We decided to go to a bar called Beefcakes.  It is typically a gay bar with a nightly stage show starring 3 transvestites.

The evening started off a little late as my friend only collected me at 8.  We got there and I started drooling the moment I walked in the door.  It was filled with really hunky looking barmen.  They were also all rather young – probably in their early twenties.

Anyway, we made ourselves comfortable at the bar and had a drink or 2 before ordering something to eat from a menu which consisted primarily of  burgers.  The food was not great but hey, I was certainly not there for the food.

The stage show started at about 10 and was filled with good humor and overall a very enjoyable show.  The show starred 3 transvestites who all dressed up and imitated various celebrities – Madonna / Elvis / Marilyn Monroe / Tina Turner / Barbara Strisand etc etc.

After the show, the MC mentioned that the barmen were all feeling “a little hot” and would be taking off their shirts on stage and we were welcome to buy body shots off a barman of our choice.

So my dear friend decided to buy me a body shot. Yeah – not something I have done before but who am I to say no to this!

My “body shot” being prepped (need I say more ladies!)


I was so embarrassed doing this but I must admit was a load of fun.  I ended up home rather late and had an absolutely amazing evening.

Lanthie Ransom