Group Sex

One of the joys about reading my blog is the fact that I may be actually writing about Group Sex or something with a twist on the term.  This post unfortunately has a twist.  Seeing as though you are here, please stay……….. (I’ll make tea!)
I just love group sex chat.  There is so much negative connotation surrounding social media and many people are under the impression that it isolates family and friends.  Well I must tell you that social media has brought us closer than ever as a family this past week.
We are a fairly normal family. In fact we are quite a
close family.  We interact with our 4
sons all the time so I can’t complain.  Son no 2 lives in
Dubai and we don’t talk as often we we should.  We typically Skype each other.  Son no 1,3 and 4 don’t interact with no 2
enough and  I always try to encourage them to talk to each other more often.
Son no 3 set up a “group” for us as a family on Whatsapp this week.  For those of you who are not familiar with this – it is a real time messaging app that works on all mobile phones – iphone / blackberry / android / symbian / nokia / windows.  It is like text messaging on steroids and uses data so it is cheaper (for us here in South Africa anyway) than texting.
Anyway Son no 3 invited the whole family to join the group.  This of course was met with everyone responding with all sorts of comments about groups and groupies and groping etc (remember I have 4 boys so everything has a sexual connotation somewhere). And of course everyone was downloading pics and posting them for the group. (Profile icons used below)

The whole week has had the family interacting in one way or the other – even simple little messages like good morning or good night.  It has also helped with coordinating collection times from school.
Hubby sent out a message on the group chat session yesterday saying “he was coming out now”, meaning he was just finishing a meeting.  Of course this was met with a slurry of messages from the kids about “coming out” if you know what I mean.
Son no 2 sent the first message saying: Just came out?  Think you guys need to have a talk then! (aimed at hubby and myself).
I then said:  Didn’t you guys know? (playing along)
and then I added:  Haven’t you guys ever seen my strap-on?
Hubby said: You should see my strap-on….. 😉
Son no 3 said: I don’t wanna know and I don’t need to know!
Son no 2 said: I always knew there was never anything there.
And of course the obligatory “lol’s” followed from all.
Then this morning I sent out a message asking what “twerking” was (I don’t get out much).  I’ve heard the term used umpteen times but couldn’t be bothered to find out more.  Anyway curiosity got the better of me this morning.  The conversation went as follows:
Me: Ok – so WTF is twerking?
Son no 3: Nobody say anything!
Hubby: You must watch it – next best thing to belly dancing
Son no 3: NO!
Me: Is that a challenge
Son no 3: No!!! It’s not funny!! It’s sick and wrong!!
Hubby: Can’t wait to see you twerk 😉
Son no 3: NO!!
Son no 2 (from Dubai): This language could be banned in Dubai
So anyway, it has just been a real playful week with us all interacting at various times during the day about all sorts of things.  You should all try it – it could be fun!

Lanthie Ransom