Mega-Twits of the World Unite

So I been trying to increase my twitter following just lately. The more I use twitter, the more I like it. I can scroll through all the tweets of the people I follow and just pick the ones I want to read and open the links I specifically want to read rather than trying to find loads of blogs and other articles on the web.

It is also great for promoting my blog as my followers get links to my posts and in turn their followers can see who they follow and well it is self perpetuating (in theory).

But you see this is where I see a problem – I see all these people with thousands of twitter followers

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and I have to assume they follow most of them back.

I currently follow about 250 Twitterers and  it would take me all day just to keep up with the tweets I get everyday – and believe you me I do actually try to get through as many as I can each day. I would never get any work done. Now I am not even talking about actually reading every tweet, I’m just talking about scanning and picking out the ones I want to actually read.

So am I being stupid and does nobody else have this problem. How do all these #mega-twits (my name for a person who has thousands of twitter followers) actually read or even attempt to read any tweets?

Jus sayin……