Just Add a Little Sugar

I have been feeling a little low these past 2 days.  No particular reason, just struggling with the motivation to do things and get things done – and believe you me there is a lot to do on the farm.

So I lay in bed this morning, I lay in for a little longer than usualtrying to find the energy to get up, and it dawned on me, I am a Sunshine kinda girl.

I love blue skies and sunlight.  And to make me even happier, add a few Sunflowers.


Blue Skies, Sunshine and Sunflowers

And the sky has been overcast the last 2 days and this affects my mood more than I realise.  

So I’ve dragged myself out of bed and decided to play some happy music.  One of our favorites is Sugar Sugar by the Archies.  We play it almost every morning on the way to work.  Very difficult arriving at the office in a bad mood ready to shout at people after listening to this.

Hope it makes you all feel a little happier too.




The Best Aged Whiskey

Day 2 of Lockdown… Yesterday.

We started yesterday morning planting some new seedlings.  I’m not used to bending this much and I definitely felt my age this morning getting out of bed.  Everything ached and creaked.

We only hobby farm nowadays but thought with the Apocalypse upon us, we should probably make some effort to get a few veg in the ground.  If not for us, then certainly to assist the local market in case imports are affected with border closures.


Shortly after planting, and taking a well deserved break, we noticed that Horsey (aka Whiskey) was not herself.  She was staying in her stable and not roaming around as usual.  Occasionally she wondered out and just lay on the grass, but not making any effort to eat.  She was also sweating up a storm.


Now Whiskey is an old lady of 30 years.  So she has had a pretty good life so far and she now roams around the farm freely, doing as she wishes.  So when we noticed she wasn’t feeling herself, we thought this may sadly be the end.

The farm is a small community of close friends so we rallied the troops to get some advice from all.  We have a number of horses on the farm so everyone is familiar with horses and their ailments.

After lubed up arms bring shoved down her read end and a few other pokes and prods, she was given some meds and all we could do was give her lots of love and hope she pulls though.

We sat with her on the grass for most of the day, giving her lots of scratches and tickles and making her feel loved.

We got up early this morning to find Whiskey laying on our front porch, still alive and well.  She is roaming around this morning.  Still not herself, still not eating, but is drinking water voluntarily.  All good signs and can only hope that she is on the mend.  She is definitely staying close to us and not venturing far off.

Not sure what the day will bring yet.  Getting quite a but done on the farm and in the house over the last few days.  But as it’s Sunday, perhaps we deserve a rest.

Touching base with family and friends is important so will make it my mission today to reach out to a few.  See how they are, and have a virtual coffee catch-up.  Hope you will all do the same.

Happy Sunday all.