Why Do Women Torture Themselves

I bought a new pair of boots last week.  I usually struggle to find just the right pair of shoes.  I am partial to high heals, but I hate the thin stiletto type heels.  I like a nice solid heel but it musn’t be wedges or platforms either (I’m not fussy am I?).

Anyway, I am always on the look out for new shoes.  Just so you know, shoes are not a big thing for me.  I own about 10 pairs including slippers.  But never-the-less I am always looking for just the right pair of shoes with the right heel.

So I managed to find a pair of boots the other day – the sort that come to just above the ankle.  They were slightly higher than I am used to but they had the right heel.  So I bought them.

Hubby and I went shopping on Saturday morning and I insisted on wearing my new boots – I need to wear them in so I can wear them more often in the coming cold months.

So I put them on and stood up…………..and nearly fell flat on my face.  My whole center of gravity was off.

This didn’t put me off wearing them though and I insisted on going shopping in them.

I got in the car.  I usually drive, so it took me awhile to get used to driving with them.  Then I tried to get out of my car – a 4×4 so I have to climb down to get out (I drive a Prado) and almost fell flat on my face again.  I found myself walking around the shops very self conscious and felt like I was walking on my toes.

Hubby thought I was hysterical.  He just doesn’t get why I would want to wear them.  I’m not even going to bother trying to explain it – if he doesn’t know enough about women after 25 years of marriage, then there is no hope for him.