Boys will be boys

I am the mother of 4 boys and although I regard my boys are reasonably mellow, I have had my fair share of visits to the emergency room. After 24 years of motherhood and 4 sons, I have this love hate relationship with my doctor,the emergency rooms and our medical aid.

I can diagnose almost anything now and I get really annoyed when doctors tell me I am wrong (- which is never!). I also get very annoyed when I have a injured child and I have to take him to the doctor before I can get an X-ray done. Invariably the doctor orders an xray just to make sure so why must I wait for an emergency appointment at the doctor (1- 2 hour wait) or emergency room if it is after hours (3-4 hour wait) then travel to the hospital and get an X-ray done (2 hour wait), then go back to the doctor for a follow up on the X-ray and to get the relevant treatment (1-2 hour wait). If I go straight to the X-ray department I can cut out at least one hour and possibly avoid going to the doctor if it is not serious and no broken or damaged bones indicated. I can make a proper booking for an appointment at the doctor and not spend 2 hours waiting for him to fit me in. This saves me time and money (and the medical aid spends less money as well). However I am obliged to follow the correct procedures and wasting my time waiting on the medical system in these times.

The most bazaar visit to the emergency room was probably when son no 3 came to us one evening saying his nose was itchy. Upon further questioning, he admitted to putting an “astro” up his nose. So of course off we go to the emergency room and fill in the obligatory forms and wait forever to be helped.

After a four hour wait in the emergency room the doctor was not in the least bit fazed about the astro. His advice was to leave it alone – it would crumble and disintegrate over time. I was so annoyed when I left there – I had spent hours waiting for nothing!

I am going to go back and reminisce about some of the emergency room visits I have had to make over the years.  So this is post 1 of many.  Look out for the rest……

Doctor Doctor

Had rather a busy week – started off with my annual visit to my lady doctor (see previous post) on Monday. 

Monday was also a rather hectic day.  It started off with leaving home for the morning school run at the same time as usual and finding the traffic to be backed-up getting out of our suburb.  As I was late getting out our suburb, I was running late to get son no 3 and 4 to school and of course my appointment with my lady doctor was at 8am.

Son no 4 kept complaining about a stomach ache in the car – which he has been complaining about on an off for about a month now.  So on our way to school I thought sod it – he can have the day off and I will take him to see the doc instead and deal with the stomach issue.
Got son no 3 to school 45 minutes late and ended up at my lady doctor 30 minutes late for my appointment.   My blood pressure was 150/100 when he took it so that of course set off the usual blood pressure alarms – I now need to have my blood pressure taken often for the next 2 weeks to see if it is a problem (oh the joys of getting older!)

Eventually got home and made an appointment with our GP for son no 4 for later in the morning.  GP could not find anything wrong but ordered some tests.

Test have all come back clear so the cause of his stomach aches is still a mystery – the GP is treating it as IBS, even though he is not a stressed child at all but if all else fails, lets see if the IBS meds work….

My Mother-in-law who is now 72 had a hernia operation on Wednesday so that had me spending more time in hospitals and with doctors.

Hubby is doing the cleansing bit today drinking pico prep for the day.  He has to go and have some tests done tomorrow – various “stroscopies” in preparation for is surgical procedure in May.

Hubby has a weight problem and has subsequently been diagnosed a diabetic. He is now seeing an Endocrinologist and a specialist surgeon and they will be doing a gastric bypass in May which will sort out his weight and will sort out the diabetes.  I am really looking forward to this procedure.