The Power of One – Toyota

My husband has been driving a Range Rover Sport for the last 3 years.  The Range Rover itself is a very nice vehicle.  However we have had endless trouble with it, not to mention the attitude and hassles from the service centre as well.  Now I could ramble on about Land Rover itself for hours but this is probably left for another blog down the line.  The only thing I can say is that there are certain companies and products I will NEVER EVER support ever again and Land Rover is one of them. 

Last year I traded in my Chrysler Voyager which was the perfect vehicle to accommodate 4 kids.  Now that I only have 2 kids at home, the Voyager was far too big   So I purchased a Toyota Prado 4.4 VX – top of the line.  It is absolutely brilliant.  The entertainment and navigation system is fantastic and it is a pleasure to drive.  The only down side is that it is a very hungry beast. 

So we were feeling rather guilty that we have 2 vehicles which are both heavy on petrol and we decided to offset some of the carbon footprint by purchasing a Prius.
I tried to purchase a Prius Exclusive from Toyota in March – around the time that Japan had the earthquake, but Toyota have had no stock.  I have been calling Toyota on a regular basis to ask when they will have stock again and of course no one ever got back to me.  I eventually complained to Toyota’s Customer Centre at Head Office.
I have been very impressed by their reaction and have had various calls to assist me.  I finally made a deal agreeing to trade in the Range Rover for a good price  and purchase the Advanced model of the Prius and they would throw in a full DVD, Navigation, Bluetooth, touch screen system with rear cameras and sensors.  This would all integrate with the steering wheel controls as well.

I took ownership yesterday of my new Prius.  It has not got the entertainment system installed as yet as they are still waiting for the faceplate and I should have this installed within the next 2 weeks.  I was quite impressed with the drive home from the dealership – it is extremely silent and will take some time getting used to the silence when driving, especially when stationary as one could easily forget the vehicle is actually on.  It is certainly not underpowered and can stand up to any 1.8 litre engine. 

I am rather disappointed with the current entertainment system – it is equivalent to something one would find in a much cheaper vehicle and certainly does not do the Prius any justice.  Based on this, I would not agree to purchase a vehicle for this sort of price, however this issue will be resolved in 2 weeks when they install the new Entertainment system.   

It does not come close to my Prado, but it certainly makes one feel good to know that you are doing your bit for the environment and I know my petrol bill will be much less each month.