Flame of Democracy

Under strict instructions from Son no 2 to do a post today so have forced myself to sit down and write.

Been another busy week – such a huge relief to be busy though so won’t complain.  Was rather worried a few months ago when there was no work in sight.

I don’t usually like to comment on political matters but the leading political party in South Africa, the ANC, really surprised me today by suspending Julius Malema.  Political parties are like banks – they are all as bad / good as each other.  There has been so much controversy over Julius Malema lately and I must admit I think they have done the right thing.  The ANC has also shown that they can take control when necessary – so bonus points to them this time!

We are busy looking at installing a beam of light in one of the towers at Constitution Hill which is now home to our Constitutional Court.  Have a look at the following site for more information about our Constitutional Court : http://www.constitutionalcourt.org.za/site/thecourt/thebuilding.htm

This light will shine into the sky at night and represents the Flame of Democracy.  In fact there will be an actual flame burning 24 hours a day in the tower itself and the light will shine at night. The 10th of December marks the 15th anniversary of the signing of our constitution by our first president, Mr Nelson Mandela. 

We tested one of the lights on Tuesday evening and took some photographs.  There will be 30 of these lights installed at the top of the tower to the left of the picture.  These lights will be switched on at an event on the 10th December 2011.

We had my brother and his family over for a traditional South African braai on Saturday.  Although my brother and I see each other a few times a month, we so seldom get to socialise together with our respective families.  It was so nice to see our kids all getting along so well.  We each have 4 children and the only one missing was son no 2 who of course is based in Dubai.

Son no 3 is now writing exams so I find myself doing so much more driving.  School run at 7am, then at 10.30am and then again at 3pm.  You won’t believe how much it interferes with my working hours.  Most of my work is done in the mornings in peace and quiet and of course that time is now interrupted by having to drop everything and do a school run in the middle of the morning.  Anyway – only 2 weeks of it left.

Joburg weather has been magnificent recently with temperatures of around 30 – 33 degrees.  Get to have a swim late afternoon with the kids – pool temp now at 32 degrees.  Feels like bath water – absolutely perfect!