I want to live in Antartica

It is no secret that I have done nothing but complain about the heat this year. It has been the warmest summer I have ever had…… Or so I thought….

I have posted before about the heat (refer to my S.M.A.O post here) . I have started walking around with an ice-pack around my neck. This may look stupid but I feel so much better for it. Hubby looks at me and just grins!

It suddenly occurred to me about 2 weeks ago that hubby was not feeling the heat at all. He is usually the one to walk around in short pants in the middle of winter and I am usually the one wearing a cardigan in the middle of summer.

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So it dawned on me (with a very loud thump!) that I may be menopausal!

So off I went to see my lady doctor this week and he has confirmed my suspicions. I am 45 (I feel 38) but apparently it just happens and age has very little to do with it all. Average age for the start of menopause is 51 – I am just a few years early!

Been doing loads of research and of course I have consulted with  the great doctor in the sky, Dr Google.  My lady doctor has recommended that I take a soy extract capsule daily – apparently it will help with the hot flashes.  Will have to take it for about 3 weeks before it has an effect.  So I will try this and hope for a miracle cure for the heat!

Otherwise – Antartica here I come!