I’m a pervert

Okay – So I admit it- I am a pervert…..

With son no 2 being here, we have had more family gatherings than usual and my brother arranged paint balling for all the boys yesterday – a day at “The Woods” .

There were my 4 sons, plus my brothers 2 sons, my brother and a few of his mates all playing paintball – in their full get-up – mask / overall / padding / neck guards / ball guards etc etc

I did not play of course – 45 year old woman playing paintball might be just a little gross.  Instead, I sat with the “girls” and watched the scenery.

The scenery included some varsity students who were also playing (as a separate group).  Their group had just finished playing as our bunch started.  So the varsity students were all HOT and SWEATY!

And how I wished I was 20 years younger!

Being varsity students – they of course thought they were “man enough” to play without any padding or overalls – just a pair of shorts (and no shirt).  Thus enhancing every muscle in their torso.  An boy were they gorgeous!  They were full of bruises – but who was looking at the bruises!

I was going to take some photo’s of them but I thought that might be just a bit perverted!  So I have picked similar pics from the web to indicate the difference between the 2 groups:

This is what our group of boys looked like:

This is what the other group looked like:

National Cleavage Day

Today is National Cleavage Day.

I have spent the best part of the week looking for pictures of great looking boobs for National Cleavage Day.  In the end I could not decide on which pic to use, so I found this one and decided this was far better than any pair of women’s  boobs.

So guys – eat your hearts out….

Coitus Interruptus

When my eldest son and his wife were living in a cottage on our property about 2 years ago, they both disappeared one afternoon for about an hour.  When they both re-appeared we asked where they went because they both just vanished.

Their excuse was that they were looking for the “Blue Tooth Dongle”.  Now I have no idea if a “Blue Tooth Dongle” was indeed involved but it has become a family in-house joke that when talking about sex, we refer to looking for the “Blue Tooth Dongle”.

Men are able to associate any word or event with having sex.  This afternoon is no different……

Son no 3 is at a friends house today – apparently doing a school project.  He said he would SMS me when I should collect him – should be around 3-4pm.

It is now 3pm – and it has just been suggested by Hubby that we venture down to the bedroom for a quick game of Coitus Interruptus.  I said what do you mean…  And apparently this is how it works:

We go down to the bedroom and do the nasty while waiting for the SMS.  If we are lucky, we will be done before the SMS arrives.  If we are not, then Coitus Interruptus is declared.

Men are such perverts!