It’s beginning to feel like Christmas

So we have finally wound down after our last event.  Kids are now on holiday and I suppose you
could say that we are officially on leave as well – although we will be
available for any calls or requests from clients anyway.  We never really switch off totally from work
and we are not going away and will be staying in Johannesburg. 

As the last few months have been good to us – business has
finally picked up – we have a few jobs / events  already for next year, so we splashed out and bought
ourselves a 59” Samsung Plasma TV. 

It was delivered day before yesterday and Son no 1 has spent
the last 2 days here setting it all up. (and No – it is not as simple as
unplugging our old 46” and plugging in the new 59”!) 

First we had to take it out of the box – it is huge so we
had to move furniture around.  Then we
had to figure out how to put the stand on. 
Then we moved the old 46” out of the way and placed the new 59” onto our
Media unit.  As the screen is so much
wider and sits in a corner – the cables were not long enough to reach to any of
the equipment in the unit below and new cables were put in. 

Right – so now we have it in the right place.  Still cannot use it as we have a home
automation system and it now has to be reprogrammed with the new 59” – this is
where we need Son no 1 – so we waited for him to finish work and bribed him and
his wife with a decent curry for dinner. 
Son no 1 is a serious IT boffin and he got it all working in no time at

We now had to decide what to do with the old 46”.  We agreed that it should go into the TV Room –
we have an existing 42” plasma screen in this room.  The set up in this room does not involve
reprogramming the home automation system but we have all our other media equipment
here – HDPVR Decoder , Duel View Decoder, X-Box, AppleTV, WII, DVD, routers and
of course a Yamaha Processor and amplifier which it all links into. 

We had taken the processor in for repair a week earlier –
one of the channels was not working correctly. 
So this had to be re-installed. 

Son no 1 spent the day here yesterday sorting out this room –
it was agreed that it could do with a clean so he took all the equipment and
cabling out.  Quit a big job as it is all
built into a unit.  The unit was cleaned,
new cabling installed and labelled and then finally all the equipment was

All works perfectly – so a very big THANK YOU to Son no 1 –
I love you dearly!

Whilst Son no 1 was doing all of the above, the Christmas
tree has gone up, new ornaments bought and the tree adorned and I have finally
found some time to wrap presents.  

So it is slowly beginning to feel like Christmas! 

Got nothing planned for the next week besides sitting on the
couch watching our new 59” TV. 

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