My son, the shit

Son no 2 (who lives in Dubai) has a new girldfriend.  I found out via someone else about 3 months ago that he was seeing someone.  Son no 2 said nothing to me about being in a relationship.  Not really an issue as I suppose they had just started seeing each other and had perhaps only had a few dates and there was nothing to tell just yet.

However, as time progressed, things have gotten a little more serious between them.

We have regular conversations with my son via Skype or Messenger and of course I have brought the subject up a few times (yes – I am a typical mother and want to know what is going on!).  I have asked leading questions and I get no information about her in return except for her name and the fact that she is South African.

He will not let me talk to her or have a conversation with her via Skype or Messenger.  Apparently it is not the right thing to do and he would rather I meet her personally. (sounds serious!)

I could of course agree with this if I was going to meet / see them soon.  But they live 9 hours away by plane and there is no trip planned in the near future.

So instead, I sit here missing my son like hell, can’t talk to him over weekends (as his girlfriend now stays over and I might see / hear her in the background).

My son is a shit!

Message to son – I have naked pictures of you! (And yes – I will be showing the new girlfriend when I meet her!)

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