Keeping it light

Tap tap tap tap – in case you are wondering what this is, it is the sound of me tapping my fingers on the bottom of my keyboard thinking what to write about.

A funny thought occurred to me the other day.  I used to HAVE to write.  It cleared my mind.  It lifted a 10 tonne weight sitting on my shoulders all the time.  My blog was (and still is) my personal shrink – my sounding board for want of a better term.

But since I made certain decisions in my life, I no longer have this 10 tonne weight on my shoulders.  I no longer need to write.  I am content and my mind at ease.  Somehow everything has fallen into place.  I feel empowered.  I feel I can take on the world.

So what does this mean?  It means I have to learn to write for fun!

So fellow bloggers out there – give me something to write about.  Consider it a Lanthie challenge – give me some things to write about and let’s see if I am up to the challenge.  The only rule is – keep it light!

Lanthie Ransom

12 thoughts on “Keeping it light

  1. So happy that your life is going so well, dear friend. We've known each other awhile now and I have seen you grow & change—all for the better! Okay so you're looking for funny topics—how about list 5-10 things why& how sex and romance are better during mid-life. BOOM! You now have an assignment! 🙂

  2. So good to hear that you are content with where you are in life right now Lanthie. Nobody wants to feel burdened on a daily basis. I really pray that everything continues to fall into place for you.

    Now, you did ask, so here's my request.

    What has been the funniest but most embarrassing moment of your life?

  3. Good to hear your mind is at ease. Hope it all goes well for you.

    Do what I do – mix up your blog with different subjects.

    What was a favorite meal out lately?

    Any funny people watching recently?

    What did you find funny in the news?

  4. Aw, so happy your life is content. That makes me happy. As for subjects, I say:
    worst job you ever had (or funniest story from a job) and/or worst date you ever went on.
    Or you could do one of those: what's in Lanthie's purse posts. haha.
    Hmm. You could talk about how a movie/book made some sort of impact on your life.

  5. So happy for you. I was just the opposite and didn't get back into my writing until that 10 ton weight was lifted.

    I love Menopausal Mama's suggestion and would love to read that.

    How about how you are doing during the changes in your life—what feels different, why does the weight feel lifted, what are you doing differently now, what do you want to do when everything is final, etc. etc. etc.

    And for goodness sake, don't stop posting the awesome pictures. 🙂

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