What’s My Blog Contest

I would like to thank Nell at the Rambling Couch Potato for including my blog in her What’s My Blog Contest.  I feel very special being included.

She has chosen 25 blogs and is asking 25 questions about them over the next 25 days.  Winner who answers the most questions gets a prize.

Mosey on over there and have a look…..


She has chosen the following blogs (I’ve put some of the links in):

1) Ramblings From an Upside Down Life
2) Chasing the Donkey
3) Life Cherries
4) Free is My Life
5) Good Golly Miss Hollie
6) Menopausal Mother
7) Pleasantly Crazy
8) Jayme (The Story Corner)
9) Katerina Wilhemina (Chatter Busy)
10) Rednecklatte
11) Tamathaa (Recipe for a Home)
12) Casey (A Dull Roar…)
13) Crystal Reads
14) Style4Curves
15) Martha Preston
16) Marieesbella
17)  PamelaMKramer (A Renaissance Woman)
18) Glitter
19)  Dana McIntyre (Home is Where Your Mom Is)
20) Ybonda
21) Life N Canvas
22) Mom n Stinks
23) Circusmum
24) The Southern Lady
25) Ont Jokes

2 thoughts on “What’s My Blog Contest

  1. Thanks so much Lanthie for the nudge & link. You are too, too kind. Now, let me 'mosey' on over and take a gander @ the Simpsons on Utube!

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