Tastes Just Like Chicken

For those of you who are regulars on my blog, you will know that my 16 year old son wants a tattoo.  I was not quite in agreement with it but Daddy said he could have one.

So I have been delaying the inevitable – hoping that he would change his mind.  He brings it up at least once a week that we owe him a tattoo, so no hope there.

I decided a few days ago that I wanted a belly ring – it would look cool when I belly dance.  So of course I finally gave in and agreed that he could now have a tattoo and could have it done when I have my belly pierced.

We went out fairly early this morning for breakfast and a little shopping and also to visit the tattoo parlor.  Son no 3 has chosen the design of the tattoo he wants and I want to nip to the Harley shop to see if they have any belly rings for me.

At breakfast, Son no 3 suddenly blurts out that he doesn’t want a tattoo anymore.  Huh!  Is this the same kid…..    I quietly do a little happy dance in my head but don’t say anything.  No reason – he has apparently just change his mind.

We then head off to the Harley shop – they didn’t have any belly rings so I would have to go with whatever they had at the parlor.

On the way to the parlor, we start taking the piss out of my son for chickening out.  We suggest he gets a tattoo on his bum cheek.  He laughs.

I laugh and say it should say BITE ME.  He then comments that he is a little tender back there.

Hubby then suggests it should say BITE ME and under it should say I’m Tender!

Son no 4 then blurts out and says it should say “Tastes like chicken!”

Anyway, we eventually arrive at the tattoo parlor.  My stomach is now churning.  I am having second thoughts.  I take a deep gulp and go inside and there are 2 Russian women (not the butch sort – quite attractive actually!) – one at the counter and the other tattooing a man with huge biceps.  I notice the sign stuck on the wall – okay, now is the time to run!

I go up to the counter and ask about having my belly pierced.  She very nicely asks if I wouldn’t mind coming back in half an hour while she finishes off Mr Muscle.  So we go find a place to have a cup of tea.

We sit down and order the tea.  Now my stomach is in knots.  I need to find a bathroom!  I excuse myself.  I sit in the stall, quietly contemplating whether or not I should chicken out too.  I then decide that I can’t – I would never live it down with my sons.  I would have to go through with it.  I mean how bad can it be.  If teenage girls can do it, so can I!

So I sit back down and have 2 cups of tea.  Okay….. the moment has arrived!

We head back to the parlor.   Gulp!  I read the sign again.

The 2 Russians invite me in to sit down in the corner.  I anxiously ask if it will hurt.  They explain to me that it is so quick and it is like an injection.  I can do injections – I’m  not fond of them but I have no issues with needles in general.

So I sit down.  The one woman all of a sudden has a huge instrument in her hand – suppose it’s like a pair of forceps!

She then marks my belly button and puts the forceps over the marks.  Um….  that is uncomfortable!  She squeezes them tightly.  She then says I may now want to close my eyes as she is getting the needle out.  Okay, yeah, I may just want to not watch this part.  Final chance to chicken out!

I look away and think happy thoughts….

And 20 seconds later she says it’s done.  Oh, I say.  Not too bad at all.  There was no pain.

She then says it is not over.  She now has to put the jewelry in and that is uncomfortable.  OMW – when will it end!  So now I feel some tugging.  Yep – a little uncomfortable is the term!

2 Minutes later and it is all done.

So I am now the proud owner of a belly ring!  (Mine doesn’t look like this pic – slightly more swollen and well, you can clearly tell I have had 4 kids).

I have no pain.  I feel a little uncomfortable and guarding my stomach a little.  Definitely won’t be sucking my stomach in for a few days!.  But I did it.

So all I can say to son no 3 – CHICKEN!

9 thoughts on “Tastes Just Like Chicken

  1. Wow you are brave! I literally bolted out of 2 different tattoo parlours when my turn came up to have my nose pierced (I got 'tricked' into it eventually by some friends, haha). My fear of needles is really very bad though.

  2. Congrats on going through with it! Very cool. As for your son 16 is way too young to get a tattoo and respectable tattoo parlors here in the States will not put one on a child under 18. Have him wait a few years and decide again. Just my opinion.

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