Naked, but Not afraid

I have looked at my header picture and often thought about whether it is appropriate or not for my blog.  Friends and family see it, including my sons – it is on public display after all.

The reality is, this is me.  This blog is me.  And the stuff I write about is the naked me – about my deepest thoughts, emotions, love, and life.  It would be inappropriate to use a naked pic of me so this is the closest I can get to showing the real naked me to you all.

This photograph is about 4 years old now and yes, it had a little help from photoshop.  I am a few years older now and have lost a little lot more weight and have a few more wrinkles – thanks to a fight with Throat Cancer in the last year.  But I fought and won and am in the clear!

Cancer was my greatest fear.  I wasn’t afraid of dying from anything besides Cancer (Okay maybe scorpions too!).  But I got cancer and survived.  So now I have no fears – I am invincible.


I have realized life is short so I intend to live life to the fullest.  Not wasting a single moment to enjoy it and take full advantage of what it has to offer!  My only hope is that you are all by my side enjoying it with me.

Keeping the lights on

1 thought on “Naked, but Not afraid

  1. The picture is you! For me it says everything that I have come to know and love about you!

    It is you … Beautiful, Sexy, Elelgant, Alluring, Confident, Femine and at the same time Powerful and Fearless,

    But it is also the other you, the softer you, the vulnerable you, the insecure you, the “just a girl standing before a boy asking him to love her”

    You are my Indominatable Siren, the love of my life! Dangerous but Tender, Seductive, Loyal and Loving

    Each day I wake up forever blessed that not only have the Gods conspired for me to find the woman of my dreams next to me, but that she … you look at me and love me that same way…

    Life is good

    But my life is Great!

    Thank you xxx

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