Heart Palpitations

Just recently I have been having “Heart Palpitations“.  I of course mention this to hubby to accuses me of being a Hypochondriac.  So I ignore it for a few weeks.  At the same time I stop having my mutl-vitamin thinking that perhaps it is being overly ambitious.

The palpitations are still there – even when I am at rest or laying in bed at night. So I look it up on the web and of course it says it could be due to menopause.  I then mention this to hubby who responds with a comment “you don’t even know if you are going through menopause – has a doctor actually done any tests“.  (I felt like punching him in the face after this comment so I ignored it)

So I looked up the symptoms of menopause on the web and this is the list – I have indicated if I have the relevant symptom or not:

  • Hot Flushes – YES
  • Night Sweats – YES
  • Irregular Periods – NO – (What’s a period?)
  • Loss of Libido – YES
  • Vaginal Dryness – YES
  • Mood Swings – YES
  • Fatigue – YES
  • Hair Loss – YES
  • Sleep Disorders – YES
  • Difficulty Concentrating – YES
  • Memory Lapses – YES
  • Dizziness – NO
  • Weight Gain – YES
  • Incontinence – YES
  • Bloating – YES
  • Allergies – YES (Prior to menopause as well)
  • Brittle Nails – YES
  • Changes in Odor – NO IDEA (Generally don’t smell myself)
  • Irregular Heartbeat – YES
  • Depression – YES (very occasionally)
  • Anxiety – YES
  • Irritability – YES
  • Panic Disorder – NO
  • Breast Pain – NO
  • Headaches – YES
  • Joint Pain – YES
  • Burning Tongue – NO
  • Electric Shocks – YES (probably due to very dry air at the moment)
  • Digestive Problems – YES
  • Muscle Tension – NO
  • Itchy Skin – YES
  • Tingling Extremities – YES (often get pins and needles)
  • Osteoporosis – NO

So I have checked 26 of the 34 Symptoms – There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am menopausal – with or without a doctor verifying this……..

To appease myself, I duly went to see the Doc last week about my heart palpitations.  He did an ECG  – resting and stressed.  All is normal and fine with my heart – good rhythm / pulse / blood pressure etc etc.  He says it is caused by menopause and I must not stress about it all.  He also goes on to recommend I start taking HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).  This was then a debate as you are either pro HRT or against HRT – I have discussed this in the past with my Gynecologist.  I explained that I was neither pro or against HRT but would act on the advice given, providing my Gynecologist agreed with him.

So I have stopped taking my little soy extract pill each day and am now on HRT.  Probably a bit too early to say if it is working and will give it a few weeks.

Image from http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/h/hormone_replacement_therapy_gifts.asp

14 thoughts on “Heart Palpitations

  1. Your husband, God love him, better pray that there's no such thing as reincarnation. And if there is, he'd better hope he doesn't't return as a woman. He'll find out allllll about menopause! Glad your tests were normal!

  2. Happy to hear that everything is "normal" and hate to admit that I can check A LOT of those symptoms on your list. Menopause sucks no matter how you look at it–I'll be curious to see how the HRT works for you. Next time hubby seems unsympathetic, wrap yourself around him during a particularly bad hot flash—he'll get an idea of the hell you're going through real quick. My hubby swears I burn up the bed sheets (and NOT in a sexy way!) when I hot flash. Throw some wicked mood swings at him–maybe then he'll get a clue to what you're feeling! Hang in there, my friend!

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