Funny Things Kids Say

Kids say the funniest of things sometimes.  Mine are a little less funny nowadays that they are older but occasionally they say something that just makes me have a quiet chuckle.

My 2 youngest Sons recently started calling me Mother – no more Mom or Mommy – unless they need something of course – then it is “Mommy, Can I….”

We were having a conversation in the car last week when we were going through the weeks schedule.  It is exam time at school so I asked my Sons what exams they had over the next few days.

Of course Son no 3 and 4 were ragging each other about one thing or the other as usual. Son no 3 was reciting what exams he had on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday.  He couldn’t remember what exam he had on the following Tuesday though.

So Son no 4 accuses him of not knowing anything and how can he not know what he was writing on Tuesday.

Son no 3 then says “Well Mother doesn’t know what’s for dinner tonight so I recon I am better than her”.

I just had to laugh.

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