Life In The Slow Lane

I found myself having to travel to Umhlanga Rocks this week.  Umhlanga is situated on the east coast of South Africa, just north of Durban, which is about 600km’s from Johannesburg.  Durban is famous for being the largest port in South Africa and also one of our major tourist destinations – mostly due to the beautiful beaches and sub tropical climate.

I had to meet a client who has just spent a a load of money with us and I thought it was good business practice to head on down and at at least shake their hand.  Hopefully they will be spending loads more with us.

I landed at the King Shaka Airport, hired a car from Avis and drove down to Umhlanga, which is about 20km south of the airport.  I pulled into the parking lot at my client as was met by this:

It was a totally different vibe to the the hustle and bustle lifestyle I am used to in Johannesburg.  Everyone is very relaxed and generally “chilled”.

I met with my client, took loads of pics of their server rooms for my records and then made my way to the Gateway Hotel.  Checked in and went up to my room.  My room was a little strange – couldn’t decide if the bedroom was in the bathroom, or the bathroom was in the bedroom.  I could step out of bed and then step into the bath.

The hotel was attached to the Gateway shopping center so I tool a walk around after dinner that evening.  Was quite surprised the shops were all open quite late as the shops don’t stay open late in Johannesburg.

Hardly slept that night as there was a car alarm beeping all night.  My morning meeting with my client was cancelled as he had a doctors appointment or something, which meant I could get back to the airport earlier and head back home.

I would love to have spent more time there and at least walked on the beach.  Maybe next time…..